Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Fairway

Sale price$159.99


The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 fiarway wood features Houdini sole technology. This reduces turf interaction by up to 35% and dramatically move weight low and deep for extreme MOI
The Tour edge Hot Launch E522 Fairway wood features the all-new diamond face 2.0 technology. The face is comprised of 42 mini trampolines. These help to create maximum ball speed and forgiveness across the entire face.
The Tour Edge Hot launch E522 fairway wood features an offset design and heel weiting. This slice fighting technology is designed to close the face for straighter and more accurate shots.
The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 fairway has a shallow face design. This design launches the ball with ease to create higher-flying, longer shots.
The Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 fairway wood features a control length shaft. This shaft is 1" shorter than standard to increase solid contact and better accuracy.

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