Tour Edge Exotics C722 Ti-Utility Iron

Sale price$199.99


Tour Edge Exotics Ti-Utility features a beta ti l-cup face which wraps around the leading edge. This acts as a hinge that provides maximum power and ball speed.
The Tour Edge Exotics Ti-Utility has a zero weld construction and is assembled using combo brazing in order to save weight on the face and optimize the center of gravity for ideal launch and ball-flight.
The Tour Edge Exotics 722 Ti-Utility has a hollow body design which provides for maximum perimeter weighting and allows for more face flex for higher ball speeds and increased forgiveness
The Tour Edge Exotics 722 Ti-Utility features an interchangeable rear weight in order to optimize launch and spin.
The Tour Edge Exotics 722 Ti-Utility has a player preferred shape that has a bit more offset to inspire confidence at address.
All shafts in the 722 line are tested through a vigorous process in order to select the correct shafts for the heads and ensure proper ball flight characteristics.

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